Hardware for NMR, animal MRI

Doty Scientific, Inc.

Doty Scientific, Inc. was founded by Dr. F. David Doty (president and chief engineering scientist) in May 1982, in Columbia, South Carolina, for the primary purpose of designing and manufacturing scientific instrumentation. The company's initial product was a CP/MAS (Cross Polarization/Magic Angle Spinning) probe for chemical structure determination of solid materials via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). For an overview of the technology and products in NMR, see 'Probe Design and Construction' and 'Solid State Probe Design' in 'Encyclopedia of NMR', Wiley Press, 1996.


Rototec-Spintec (Originally Spintec), founded in December 1983 in Southern Germany, opened it's doors in March of 1984 and are specialised suppliers of NMR/EPR spectroscopy consumables, partial or complete NMR/MRI/EPR systems, and accessories. With our products we offer solutions to routine problems encountered in the day to day activities of both Liquids and Solids NMR as well as EPR, including some novel solutions to both old problems, and new ones as they are encountered.

Resonance Research, Inc.

Resonance Research, Inc. specializes in advanced technologies for management of magnetic fields in MRI and NMR applications. Our business is to design, build and support advanced, integrated solutions in magnetics for high-end clinical and analytical applications.

Rapid Biomedical

RAPID Biomedical GmbH was founded in 1998 as a "spin-off" from the University of Würzburg, with its focus on Magnetic Resonance (MR) probeheads (coils) for applications in biology, chemistry, animal research and medical diagnosis. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of customized RF coils for MRI and production of standard application coils. Our products are built according to the individual needs of the customer.


Protasis operates two laboratories to develop methods and run customer samples.


Tecmag manufactures NMR, NQR & MRI instrumentation including systems, consoles, system upgrades, data acquisition systems, and solid-state NMR / NQR probes. Tecmag has been producing flexible, modular products for magnetic resonance for more than 30 years. Call or email today for more information!


International Electric Co. (IECO) designs and manufactures state-of-the-art magnet power supplies and gradient amplifiers for MRI applications tailored to meet customer needs.!


Sever / Laboratory Automation

HPC Cluster & NMR-Data-Server Network Server System

We supply HPC(Linux Cluster)&Data-Servers & LinuxBOX !!(Japan only)

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